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03/08/2006, 12:31 PM
I am wondering if someone can give me a general overview of the setup process for a saltwater aquarium or give me a link to something similar. I have ordered my 90g AGA RR tank and stand and will be moving my 55g freshwater this weekend. I am just wondering about when to add which things to the tank. Should I setup the tank, level it, get the sump in place and fill the tank and sump with RODI water? Then add live sand and live rock a few days later or right away??


03/08/2006, 12:42 PM
With all your equiptment in place, fill your tank and sump up with your rodi water and run your tank making sure that the water is level and there are no leaks. Add the salt. After a day add your live sand and live rock. Go to the supermarket and buy some shrimp to start your tank cycle. After your tank is cycled add some hardy fish and then in about a month you can add some hardy coral. After that you're as good as gold.

03/08/2006, 12:46 PM
step 1 buy a book ( julian sprung prefered)
step 2 read book
step 3 come back and ask us questions about all the contradictions between the books.
step 4 have a happy tank

or add water to tank add salt wait a fewdays add LR and LS remember to not place the lr on the LS but to place the rock on the bottom of the tank and put sand around the rock ( this way your structure wont collapse) then you wait a few weeks during the cycle and slowly add fish and inverts keyword SLOWLY

03/08/2006, 01:16 PM
dont get impatient, thats the hardest thing, best way to do itis to STAY OUT OF FISH STORES! while your tank is cycling, that way you wont see something and say....i bet that will survive....my tank should be done cycling, give it time...thats the biggest thing, be patient.