View Full Version : Best float switch system i've found yet!

03/08/2006, 08:15 PM
First off i am in NO way associated with this company or website in any way other than being a satisfied customer.

I have had 5 different floatswitch systems installed in my 75 gallon aquarium. Every one that i had failed within a few weeks and either emptied the bucket of water into my sump, or stopped topping off.

I had given up on it until i found this website and tried their floatswitch system. I've had it on my 75 for a few months now and it is BRILLIANT. The mounting bracket that is included is fantastic (and they will make a custom length one if you need it) and it installed in about 5 minutes.


I have the basic system with 1 float switch and the power cable that i hooked my powerhead up to. they also have a mini version and a solonoid system to use with an RODI unit.

again, i am nothing more than a satisfied customer and wanted to share my good experience with this product.