View Full Version : Skimmer help

03/14/2006, 03:22 PM
I need some info on any HOB skimmer
I have got some conflicting info !
Is the cpr bak pac 2 a good skimmer ?

Alaskan Reefer
03/14/2006, 03:35 PM
For what kind of tank? If you're talking about your 5.5gallon it should be more than adequate -- although you shouldn't need one for such a small setup water changes alone are enough.

03/14/2006, 05:29 PM
i have upgraded to a 20h
But some people say cpr bak pac is awesome
and some say its junk?

03/14/2006, 09:32 PM
I work at an LFS

We sell a lot of CPR Bak Paks because they are inexpensive and dependable.

They are much nicer Skimmers out there. ( most of them designed for in-sump use )

But I think the Bak Pak would be a fine choice for a 20 gal.

They also make a really nice hang-on skimmer/refugium combo.

You also might want to check out AquaC Remora, Coral Life Super Skimmers and Deltec MCE600

I've never used the Coral Life Skimmers (because I've used other Coral Life products and hated them ) But a lot of people are telling me they are decent skimmers.

But I have used the AquaC the Bak Pak and the Deltec and I like them all ...the deltec is bar far the best but most expensive.

But I can confidently say that you should stay away from the Prism and Seaclone skimmers ( among others )

-Good Luck