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03/26/2006, 06:06 AM
Looking for some input on incorporating 2 - 2X96w PC lighting fixtures into my existing 180 in-wall tank. The tank has been operational for 2.5 years and currently has 2 400w MH lights. It originally had 4X96w PC's but I pilfered the PC's for a 125 which I have since sold. The tank has an 7X10 'wetroom' behind it so space is not a problem.

I'm planning on the PC's having 50/50 - 10,000K daylight & actinic bulbs. The MH bulbs are currently 10,000K blueline (and need to be replaced soon).

My questions are:

1) any consideration as to whether the MH's should be in the back 1/2 of tank and PC's in front 1/2 (or one pc in front, one in back etc) or does it even matter? The live rock & corals are/will be more to the back 1/2 of tank.
2) I need to replace the MH bulbs soon and am debating about whether to go with 10,000K or 14,000K. I don't think I'll need the blueline bulbs with the actinic in the PC's....Anything I should consider in this area?

Thanks for any input....