View Full Version : Clean Filtratio, Clean tank

03/30/2006, 04:51 AM
Nano Reef Keepers.

I had to remind myself that a reef set-up can take care itself. Yes, a protein skimmer, sponge pads and carbon are helpful and I do use them. The 30G has a lot of life it, mostly false corals and a few fish. To keep the water quality high and sparkling, it is imperative to do regular maintenance on the extra items. Skimmers need to be cleaned. (not every 3 months). Power heads and power filters must be cleaned as well. That extra build-out of bad stuff can find itself back in the tank.

A bit of extra work? Not really, it's a nice hobby. The rewards are less nuisance algae, a safer environment for the critters and a wonderful display!

The weather is warming a little. It'll be back top critter hunting soon. Yes!