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Check out the "any which way" pic at the bottom. Amazing

Some crazy "facts"


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With technology comes destruction... There are species popping up everywhere in places they shouldn't be. Perhaps the best example is the python issues in the Everglades. I'm sure most of you saw the pic a while back with the python that tried to eat a gator and burst open. They aren't supposed to be there... Someone buys a cute little snake that quickly gets too large to care for, so they let it go in the wild... All around the world, sea ports (esp.) have issues with things popping up that have no predators and take over (most likely due to loading ballast water in one far off port and dumping in the delivery port). Humans are the only animals in the animal kingdom that don't live within their needs for survival. We can't get enough (of whatever), so the world suffers. Probably a rant meant for another thread, but over the last 150 years of industrialization, the world has struggling to keep up with us. Parasites... Did I mention I'm from Mars;)?

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Well I hope your world stays safe, as humans already have plans in place for putting atmospheric green house gas generators on mars, to warn it up, so we can come and make it into a world that suits us.
Honest, we will only be there long enough to totally annihilate it, in the name of human exploration/expansion. After all we know best.
How can we be wrong to propose something like this as we are the only INTELLIGENT life in the universe. REALLY, we checked, and we are it, we are as good as it get's! At least that's what all the doctors (of whatever) said, and I KNOW BETTER than to question the word of a doctor! I wouldn't have a job if I ever questioned a doctor. :o They are REAL SMART, just ask them, they'll tell you. So will the banks covering their student loans.
So, in my minds eye, you may want to call home, and tell the family to keep an eye out, INTELLIGENCE is coming, weather they like it or not. But assure them we will be fair, we never renege on an agreement, just ask the Indians :D

Rick :confused: