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04/05/2006, 07:49 AM
Currently setting up a 37 gal tank , i want to put about 40 lbs of lr in it this weekend,

Question: should i just add it all at once or should i add half now and half a week later??

What would be the best rock to get ? Fiji? Tonga? or any others?

and where would be the best place to get them from?

Here my set up

37 gallon
-remora c protein skimmer 1200 maxi jet
-fluval 305
-40 lbs LR
-coralife 30 " 2 96 watt pc
-150 watt tronic heater
- using RO water from a kent ro 3 stages

Prospective Fish list

2 ocellaris clowns
1 flame angel
1 firefish
1 damsel
1 jawfish or wrasse
1 coral banded srimp
and a couple of crabs

* Also want to add a couple of small simple corals like

torch coral
finger leather,sinularia
bubble coral
zoanthid mushroom

Suggestions are welcome!

04/05/2006, 11:35 AM
I just bought 40 lbs. of Kaelini Tonga from Premium Aquatics last week. I too, have a 37gal. The 40 lbs. filled up the back about 2/3s, so I will end up getting some more eventually. I think the Kaelini is a little denser. I wanted Figi, but they said their Figi has been pretty branch-like for the past couple months. I didnt want that at all. I added all my rock at the same time, since its a new setup. I would recommend the same, just be prepared to skim like mad, and do a water change every few days. IMO, if you add half of the rock, then half again, you are going to get a cycle, then a mini cycle. I'd just rather get it over with. I can get ground shipping from PA (in Indiana) to georgia, so I know you can get ground too. Its cheaper that way. PA is also one of the few that will let you get any amount of rock you want, so if you decide to add half then half, youre set. If you look under vendor experiences for PA, you will see my post with pics of the rock I received. You can specify what size rocks you want too. Also, there is a price break at 40 lbs., so you can get the Kaelini for $3.99, and the Figi (if you like branchy) for $3.49. Shipping for the 40 lbs. of LR plus a bunch of equipment totalling 62 lbs. was about $36. I think its hard to beat that. :)