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04/10/2006, 10:45 AM
Im thinking about switching over to T5. Right now I am using PC and its crappy.. even with me using a 130 watt pc on a 20 long its just not that much light. I just had a couple of questions.

Alright I noticed that you can get T5s in either TEK or Not TEK whats the difference? Is that a brand or what?

If i decide to go with t5 then Im going to ditch my 20 long and go to either a 25 (its 24"long and 20" tall) or a 30xtall (24" long 25" tall) what would be the best amount of bulbs to get? I would want to keep everything from zoos to Lps and maybe some monti caps or something like that. I dont really care where I have to keep it as long as its not stuffed in a hole in the dark. I was thinking maybe 4 bulbs, so 96 watts?

04/10/2006, 11:51 AM
tek is one brand of t5ho lighting fixtures/ retrofits

icecap and aqualux are another
basically you want one bulbs with a proper t5ho reflectoir per every 3" of width on your tank.

i went with 3x39 of t5ho on my 35g (36x12x17) and its mega bright. do not merely look at the wattage comparison from vho. or pc to t5ho, witha good reflector (aqualux, tek, or IC) its way brighter than you might think. the reflector is said to make it 300% brighter than without the reflector.

3 or 4 would work.

i keep many montipora, 2 different kinds of pocillopora, and a marshall island acropora and a squamosa clam all happy under my setup.

04/10/2006, 12:04 PM
ohh ok yea i was wondering because on ebay all these companys are selling t5 lamps and they all say NOT TEK and i had no clue what that ment. I think im going to go with the 24" 4x24 unless I can find a tank stand canopy deal local and then I would just get the retrofit kit. Hmm anyone else keep softies under there T5? I want to hear how well they do.

04/10/2006, 09:43 PM
i have a number of softies as well. they do fine, well, except for the green striped shrooms. those just shrivel and die, within days. i have had no problem with other softies though, and most leathers love tons of light, so do gsp, and xenia, as well as all zoos.

its the lps that dont always like the highly lit tanks.