View Full Version : 125 AGA Long, looking for suggestions on Sump and return

04/11/2006, 09:14 AM
I just bought a 125 Gallon Long AGA Pre-Drilled.

This will be a Fish/Reef tank, SPS
Upgrading from a 55 gallon

Has 2 holes on each side 1 hole is 3/4" the other is 1"

1. Pump return to tank.

I have a Quiet One 6000 pump and trying to decide how to feed the water back to the pump.

Should I tee it or is their a Y device that someone sells.

Is this size going to be enough...

2. Sump

Want to just use rubbermaids...

Was going to use two rubber maids

1 would be for a refugium and the other would have skimmer, pump, return from the tank, heaters.

Would run most of the water to one tub and a small amount to the refugium.

Trying to figure out the best way to connect the two containers.

Would using a bulkhead with a 1 or 2" pipe be sufficient.

That's enough thinking for now....


04/11/2006, 10:17 AM
a hammerhead and a OM 4 way would do well for flow.

04/11/2006, 08:00 PM
Ben, I have the same sort of project about to begin. Not upgrading a tank, but I'm starting a new 125 FOWLR.

What rubber maid containers are you considering? I've been giving some thought to using another 55 gal tank for a sump. The rubber maids might be cheaper and serve as well. I'm a bit concerned about a heater against rubber, but that issue is easily remedied with a ceramic tile or some other protection.