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04/12/2006, 06:10 AM
Hello everyone,
We are getting ready to move SE of Kansas City and thought it might be a good time to transfer our 75G with HOB AquaC Remora Pro to a 75G Reef Ready with a sump placed below in the stand. It looks like there is a lot of glueing required to plumb such a setup and I've seen about a thousand different sump designs over the past 2 1/2 years of reading on Reef Central. So, here are a couple questions I was hoping you all could help out with:

What tank do you recommend? AGA or Oceanic, Megaflow or Corner Overflow, etc...

What sump do you recommend? Can I get what I want in a manufactured sump or do I need to have one custom made?

Any recommendations for in-sump protein skimmers?

Thanks for all the help, this place is great!

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04/12/2006, 11:01 PM
Hi, glad to hear your going with a RR system... youll find its alot nicer and more finished looking...

I myself have a 75gallon Corner flow...

really Between a CF and a MF its up to you... whatever you will feel you can aquascape it better...

thats completly your choice..

as for a sump... I have a tidepool, I like these for smaller tanks like this one because they are easy to deal with, and have a good bit of room to put a skimmer, and return pump in...

However, Some people dont like them... Just sharing my experience..

I have a 210gallon underway and its sump is a standard 75gallon that I have baffled to form different sections to reduce bubbles and make an area for a fuge, skimmer and stuff...

Good skimmers would be Needlewheel Skimmers and downdraft skimmers

Good brands are
and My reef creations
also Deltec is the best from what Ive heard.. but they are EXTREMELY pricy...

If I where you ... Id go with a ASM, or Coralife..

Go for one that is rated for 150gallons min. that way youll get what you pay for...

Companys tend to just stick Standard labels on their products...
I mean,really now, how does ASM, or Coralife, kent, Seaclone, whoever know what kind of setup you have, how many fish, what corals if any your trying to keep and what the requirements for those are...
Bottom line, THEY DONT..

So go with a bit bigger skimmer, to make sure its doing its job!

good luck with it!

04/13/2006, 06:15 AM
Great advice, thank you. Anyone else?