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05/06/2006, 06:28 PM
The temperature is Bermy is going up. The humidity is high and the 30G peak day temperature has moved up from 79.8 to 81.1. The tank setup is now 8 months along and very stable. The live rock is very settled and all the false corals are thriving well. I have AC in that room but it's the family room and they don't like the room chilled too much. SO.....I'll have to get a chiller for the tank or extra coats for all. I should post this in the Nano column. I'm interested in the Teclima Fritz micro chiller. I've only seen one very positive review. Anybody heard of it?

06/26/2006, 07:27 PM
The 30G tank temperature is reaching 82 - 83 days. My false corals are not impressed although they try to put on a good front. The house is closed up all day. Oh man!!! Then the temp dips to 81 degress after work and overnight while the A/C is on. No chiller yet....I'm slipping??? Letting other things come before tank maintenance and essentials??? What's the priority dude??? (My wife is not reading this one...) I guess I'll have to use the A/C timer to regulate the room temp throughout the day. So the electric bill goes up...either way...except a one time chiller charge....this is going to cost me more. It'll get better....after 3 long months!!!!!

12/07/2006, 05:41 PM

12/09/2006, 07:27 PM
Reefers....the 30G made it through the summer...chillerless. My reef has been going great now for a whole year. The snapping, the mysterious deaths, the ick, the mystery algae...all those startup woes have ceased. Well....maybe not all the algae is gone. The tangs help out much but the compact lights are overdue for change.

So is this small Fritz chiller worth it or what?

New addition...spanish hogfish...yes! I saw some "regular" juvenile hogfish but definitely too large for my mini set-up.

Winter is almost here...much less snorkeling, more tide pooling...looking for little gems...

Happy Reefing,