View Full Version : Ric's on sand dividing? Sick Mushroom?

05/21/2006, 12:29 PM
Will my ricordia divide if it's just sitting on the sand at the bottom of my tank? It's attached to some rubble now. Should I attach it to a rock?
Also, I recently got a rock with a couple of mushrooms on them. One of them has pretty much remained shrivelled since i got it, the others are opening during the day. Is it sick?


05/21/2006, 09:28 PM
I always glue mine to a bigger rock using Super Glue Gel if its attached to even a small nit of rubble.

Sometimes during shipping or even acclimation, they can get stressed out. Just give it some time unless you see it melting.

You may want to try feeding it. It may not be ready for mysys because its stressed... so I'd feed the excess juice from your food (when you rinse frozen cubes). Mine love it! I use a turkey baster and slowly feed their mouths... a few times a week... along with phyto that we culture and a few other goodies.

Good luck!