View Full Version : Goniopora v. Leathers

05/24/2006, 09:01 PM
Introduced a green goniopora (about 3" round) on Sunday, towards the back right corner of my tank partially shaded by rockwork, while I had 2 leathers in more direct flow in back left corner of the tank. On monday, it opened well, and seemed to respond well to target feeding. On tuesday, the area in the more direct light opened, while the partially shaded area drooped.

Today, while doing some other cleaning and macro trimming, I moved the goniopora to the front left corner, in more direct light, and in stronger current. A few minutes later, the leathers behind it (downstream about 8") shrivelled and closed, very unhappy.

My question then is: are the unhappy because I tossed up some particles while I was cleaning, or do the gonioporas release toxins that the leathers won't like? I'm running carbon, but both leathers seem very, very unhappy at the moment...

05/25/2006, 01:56 AM
It is an agressive lps and should be given plenty of space. You got any pictures?

05/25/2006, 10:23 AM
Right ... that much is known because it's the 1 line summary on every single online coral seller.

What I was looking for is something slightly more finite, like:

"It has sweeper tentacles up to N inches", or
"It releases a toxin that will harm leathers up to X-Y inches away", or
"It needs enough open space so that the polyps never make contact with other corals, but does not release toxins, and has no hidden tentacles"

I'll grab a picture tonight when I get home...