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05/26/2006, 06:13 AM
OK I am letting the cat out of the bag so to speak.

The past few months I have been planning a new type of coral propigation system. I have researched the idea extensively and have had help from marine biologists and other qualified individuals including some well respected electrical engineers.

A brief description of the project:

The system would utilize low voltage to dramatically increase hard coral growth (up to 5x or more than normal). This process is now being practiced with great success in the real world. As far as I know vary little has been done to duplicate this proccess in a closed system.

Some of the main componants needed to start the project are the following:

- 400 watt metal halide pendant

- Calcium reactor to handle 200 to 400 gallons

- Suitable quality Skimmer

- Titanium plates/racks

- 100 to 200 pounds of limestone blocks

- Tunze Streams or similar for circulation

- ORP meter

- Various timers, etc..

- 200 gallon plus tub to house the corals, limestone blocks, and titanium racks.

- Ozone generator.

- Adjustable low voltage power supply and voltage meters.

I have aquired the precise voltage levels from a source who is close to the inventor of the process. I also have the schematics on how to set the system up. Calcification of the titanium racks will occur very soon after electrification. Hard coral frags will be attatched to the titanium bands/racks soon after. Accelerated growth rates should occur rather quickly. Estimated growth rates are up to 20" or more per year.

More about the project can be seen from my local reef club forum:

I will update this thread as things go along. Hopefully I can get things started soon but I am going to need some help.

Please feel free to add any feedback or questions. I am looking forward to hearing your opinions or suggestions.

Here is a link form the inventor of the process:

Cheers and happy reefing,