View Full Version : Help!! My tank looks like its about to overflow!!

05/26/2006, 07:02 AM
For some reason the water level in the 3rd chamber of my nano keeps dropping so low that the pump starts making air bubbles. I thought that its just water evaporating so I topp of the tank and it still happens. Whats happening is that the pump in the 3rd chamber pumps all the water out into the tank faster that it can fill back up. The tank looks like its about to overflow and Im afraid that it will. This has never happend before and usually when the tank water evaporates the water level in the main tank drops. Now it just keeps rising and the rear gets empty. I thought that maybe the filters were restricting the flow through the chambers so I changed them. The tank still does it, whats going on.

05/26/2006, 07:29 AM

05/26/2006, 08:19 AM
I had an overflow clog last night and had the same look to my 75. The water is being pumped out of the 3d chamber faster than it can get back in. What about your inlet teeth on the first chamber? Do you have the cassette mod?

05/26/2006, 08:22 AM
A snail or hermit or fish is likely stuck in your overflow pipe. You need to use a hose cleaning brush or similar object to run through the overflow pipe to get any obstruction out.

05/26/2006, 08:22 AM
Turn off the pump until you get this figured out.

05/26/2006, 08:32 AM
There is no cassette tape mod and the inlet grill is not clogged. Im starting to freak out here... Two things are differant that I havent done before. First, about two months ago I upgraded to 150watts HQI. To combat the heat I placed a desk fan blowing on the watersurface 24/7 to regulate the heat. I have noticed the evpaoration trippled since I installed the fan. But the fan has been running for several weeks. Also when water evaporates the water level in thedisplay part of the tank drops. Ive never had the 3rd chamber do this and dump all water into the main part. The other thing I did is yesterday when it first did this, thinking there was a clog I removed both filters from chamber 1 and 2. They were pretty nasty so I trashed them and added only a small piece of filter floss to the first chamber all the way at the bottom. Looking over the back chambers with a flash light I cannot see any blockage at all. What am I gonna do???

05/26/2006, 08:35 AM
Thanks guys for the help by the way... Also one thing I noticed that makes me think I have no restriction is that when the tank is about to overflow and the chamber running dry, I can unplug the pump and the waterlevel quickly equalizes throughout the whole tank. If one of the chambers were restricted then the effected chamber would stay dry and no equalize, correct?

05/26/2006, 08:36 AM
Airstone and bubbler til you get this figured out.

Start methodically tracing the waterflow from the tank to one chamber to the next until you're sure you have cleared all possible choke points. Remove the filter floss: part or all of it may have gotten somewhere it shouldn't. Most likely is that that removal of the filters sped up the waterflow in certain portions and overloaded the tank... Sometimes the "what's changed?" approach is the key.

05/26/2006, 08:42 AM
WHEW, I think I just found the restriction. The floss in the first chamber was pushed to far into the bottom of the chamber. The passage must have been plugged with floss. I guess it was a restriction just like yall said. Is it possible for the tank to actually spill over if this happens again. The waterlever was pretty scary but the 3rd chamber had already run dry. Wouldnt the tank spill into the overflow before it spill onto the floor. THanks for your help everbody.