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06/21/2006, 11:01 PM
well...nothing goes without hickups...though this might be a big hickup. Have everything hooked up...purged the reactor according to instructions. When I go to turn on Co2 the maxi jett starts bubbling(the feed pump for the reactor). after a minute the bubbles in the bubble counter stop...and thier is air present in the top of the reactor again. I've tried this 3 times...even retightened the lid and purged it again. I don't know whats up...whats up here...any suggestions.

old salty
06/22/2006, 06:16 AM
I set up my reactor about two weeks ago, so here is what I have found:

Upon initial setup, scratch the CO2. Ever notice that when you add ANYTHING to water, it bubbles? Stick your arm inside your tank and you will see what I mean. Let the reactor run for a day or so with no CO2 and the effluent at max. This helps to purge the air from the reactor.

Once the reactor has run like this for a little while, slowly add CO2. Depending on the reactor you have (I'm using a GEO), I started with 30 bubbles per minute and the effluent on a steady drip. After a day or two, I checked all of my levels and made adjustments as necessary. What I did not do is use the reactor to increase any levels - I used the appropriate buffers for this. The reactor's job is to maintain these levels and not increase them.

06/22/2006, 07:59 AM
I totally agree. Run Effluent Max for 1-2 days then introduce the CO2 most Reactor manufactures say to do this also.

06/23/2006, 01:52 PM
thanx guys...I ran it for a day or so...then got it to work fine. The one I got said 30 min....It's a kick *** reactor though, came highly recomended...its aquatic systems design