View Full Version : Won Pro Heat reading "140"

06/22/2006, 07:32 AM
I've used the Won Pro Heat heaters for about 2.5 years. The one I have in my tank now (250W) has been in there for about 9-10 months. It has always been steady at 78 degrees, and verified by a glass thermometer.

When I checked on the tank this morning, the heater read "140"!!!! I immediately stuck my hand in the water, felt normal. Checked the backup thermometer, 78 degrees.

So the LCD display must be busted. I'm at work now and won't be able to replace the heater until this evening.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Did it overheat your tank? Stop heating it? Blow up, melt down, explode?

06/22/2006, 07:37 AM
I had a Won get my tank up to almost 90. They are kown to be unreliable, but so are all other heaters. Your best bet, and what I have done now, is to get a heater and a seperate temperature controller, such as a Ranco. Do not rely on the built in thermostat that comes with any brand heater! Its a bit more exspensive, but much less exspensive then replacing everything in your tank.

06/22/2006, 10:12 AM
Talked to the wife (who's at home). She said it's still reading "141", but tank temp is still steady at 78. Here's to hoping it holds for another 5 hours....