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06/22/2006, 04:55 PM
Dear Mr Tanaka, do you have any tips on whereabouts I should visit when I go to Japan in September? I'm visiting Tokyo, and I'd love to see the aquatics stores/public aquariums there, but in my experience because of the language difference its very easy for a gaijin to miss all the good stuff!!

I'd appreciate it if you could help.
many thanks

06/22/2006, 11:02 PM

Thanks for the message.

Can you speak or understand Japanese ?

Japanese who can do English is few and you can try to take several trains if you want to reach some places, and then you need a guide book that shows stations written in English. Perhaps such books are obtainable in Tokyo (Narita Airport).

I will show some excellent shops and public aquariums soon.

If I just have an opportunity to fly to Tokyo I can guide you, but it is scarce these days, one per one or two years.

All The Best, Hiroyuki

06/23/2006, 06:49 AM
Hi Hiroyuki,
I really do appreciate your offer to guide me, what a lovely thing to suggest! Thanks a lot, and I understand if it is too difficult for you to do. Japan's a busy place isn't it!

My wife is Japanese, but she didn't know anything about fish before she met me and she's not lived in Japan for about 8 years now, so she doesn't know anything about reefkeeping in Japan.

Luckily she can still remember a couple of thousand Kanji characters which will help us get around! :-)

Anyway, would be nice to meet up if you can. I'll ask Nami about travelling to Miyazaki pref. but I think its too far with the time we have.

Take care

06/27/2006, 02:45 AM
Dear Andy,

Thanks for the nice reply. My wife is also a Japanese but cannot speak English at all! Your wife should be wise; Kanji is the most difficult character in the world.

Yes, I hope to join your 'party' to visit many shops together but I am sorry; I am not sure now. Yes, Miyazaki is located far from Tokyo, and a few things will make you enjoy in Miyazaki except green plants, sunny climate, and blue sea of Nichinan Coast where we can see and collect some tropicals. June to July and September to October are the best season for collecting fishes and inverts at beaches. I can show some pics of treasures from the sea if I know your email address. Mine is shown below.

[email protected]

I would show webs of excellent marine aquarium shops and public aquariums soon, and wait for a while.

All The Best, Hiroyuki