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06/22/2006, 10:49 PM
I am planning on purchasing a Kalk reactor but I have a few questions about how to plumb it. The way I planned sounds like the same way many of you all have set it up (I searched reefcentral bigtime) but I dont see how it works properly. I have a jbj auto topoff system and I was going to plumb a pump like an aqualifter to pump water into the kalk reactor when the floatvalve sensed the sump needed to be topped off. This is fine, but the jbj only allows the pump to stay on up to 14 minutes as a safety feature built into the unit. For that reason I fail to see how this can work. Anyone care to help and explain?


06/23/2006, 12:42 AM

06/23/2006, 07:25 AM

I haven't own the jbj auto topoff system, but I'm 99% sure the 14m limit goes like this

-sump level goes down
-topoff pump goes on
-if topoff pump runs for less than 14m, everything is cool
-if topoff pump runs for more than 14m, shuts off and or sounds an alarm, because that indicates there is a problem, there is no reason the topoff pump to pump water for that long

I got the tunze top off unit and after about 10m it shuts off the pump and sounds an alarm, indicating there is a problem
-topoff pump's container is empty
-sump is broken, thats why it didn't read the ok level

sounds like a nice system, just like the tunze, I wouldn't run a kalk reactor otherwise, you don't want to overdose the tank and kill everything, good luck


06/23/2006, 10:47 AM
but i am under the impression that a kalk reactor simply drips water into the sump. If that is the case how can it replace the necessary volume of water in 14 minutes by dripping....

06/23/2006, 11:45 AM
I have a Tunze osmolator and Deltec kalkreactor, and the water does not drip, but flows until the sensors detect proper water level. This may be too much kalkwasser added at one time, and may spike the pH. 14 minutes of run time with the tunze would add several gallons of water to my sump. HTH

06/23/2006, 12:10 PM
ok this helps a lot. what pump do you use to push water to your reactor?

sales weasel
06/23/2006, 12:27 PM
I have a topoff system from autotopoff.com. I have the double float in my sump and a single float in my main display. The one in the display is the final failsafe unit that will shut down the sump pump if the other two stick.

I'm also contemplating the use of a Kalk doser/reactor connected to my Aqualifter. I've noticed that my Aqualifter pump is never on for more than 5-min. I'm still afraid I'll overdose the tank and I'm thinking that I'll just add less Kalk to my reactor...(1/2 tsp instead of 1tsp/gal). With a drip system, you have a gallon of water and 1tsp of Kalk that drips until empty. When it's empty, you refill it w/kalk and water. With the reactor connected to an Aqualifter or another pump, you never run out of water in the kalk reactor. How do I know when to add more kalk to the reactor? I can always add kalk directly to my topoff reservoir but I don't want it clogging my Aqualifter.

06/23/2006, 02:38 PM
The tunze comes with its own pump, a little guy that pumps just a few feet. I think the maximum height is 2 metres. This sits in your RO tank and pumps fresh water to your kalk unit. The kalk unit is full of kalk, much more than a teaspoon, and is constantly being stirred so the bottom is a thick slurry of kalk paste, and the top is a clear kalkwasser to go into your sump. You add more kalk at your convenience, when the white paste at the bottom looks a little low. This type of setup will not clog up the pumps, as the pump is always in RO water, with no contact to kalk. HTH

sales weasel
06/23/2006, 02:52 PM
That's the way I was planning mine. My only question was about adding more kalk. If you can actually see it in the bottom, then that answers that. As far as the 1tsp mix, I've read that 1tsp of pickling lime per gallon of water was the proper formula if you are making a diy kalk drip.

06/26/2006, 12:09 AM

this case is very simple, I think you are thinking is more complicated than it really is

14m is the limit,

it will just run for 1 or 2 minutes, when it senses the SMALL drop in the sump, the reactor only supply whats needed, you don't need to have it drip all the time into the tank,

my tank can take the kalk straight up, without no drip and Ph doesn't change much, if you find out your tank can't handle (goes by size of total water, ect) than just add a small valve and make the output drip

kalk can only disolve so much in plain water, the rest will just drop to the bottom, the amount you add to the reactor is different from reactor to reactor...


lol that little pump, my reservoir is about 29ft away from my tank :D,