View Full Version : bubble trap " in between?? how thick glass??

06/25/2006, 07:02 PM
OK i think ive seen this before but i just want to make sure before i do this :) how much space in between the panels of the bubble trap?? i dont know how to describe it other than the space between the over and the under then the space between the under and the over. also how much space between the under and the bottom of the tank??

then for the bubble trap glass and the divider for the refugim how thick should the glass be?? i think i remember hearing 1/2" but again i just want to be sure.

does anyone know if Home depot or lowes will cut glass for you?? im sure there is a glass shop around but i would rather just get them at HD or lowes if i can just for convenience.

also how do you silicon in the panels of the bubble trap?? if they are only a inch or so apart how do you get the silicone on both sides?? or do you just do one side ??


i know the knowledge is here!!!

06/25/2006, 08:03 PM
The farther you space them, the better they work. Keep the space on the bottom of the under baffle the same as the in between space.

06/25/2006, 08:13 PM
1" is pushing it for spacing between baffles.. 2" is better, but 1.5" is probably fine.

1/4" glass is fine for all the baffles

Home Depot and Lowes may cut glass in your area, I don't think ours do, but I've heard some do.

Just do one at a time and try to get the silicone in there.

06/25/2006, 09:33 PM
As for the silicon between the baffles I put a bead of it on the edge of the baffle then set it in, then I use a 1/4" wooden dowel to smooth it out the best I can.

Fianally I make sure the edge that I can reach has a good rounded bead and everything works great.