View Full Version : help stressed ricordeas

06/27/2006, 08:20 AM
I cleaned out my nano cube sponges and left one sponge out and never put it back in. I did this close to a month ago i'm guessing, my ricordeas were doing great and one was actually splitting. When I usually clean the sponges some nasty water goes back into the tank like usual. after i did this almost everything went down hill. My feather duster has not came out in about a week or two i have lost most of my zoos, and my ricordea is shrinking. I have tested my water and everything seems fine my salinity is 1.026. almost 1.025. ammonia is 0 nitirites are zero, nitrates are like 5ppm i tested my calcium as well which was about 400ppm. I think my pH might be the problem because its at 7.8. i have been testing religiously when i noticed the pH and it sometimes tests at 8.0 I know they are ****ed but whats going on. My green star polyps are the only ones that were not affected they are spreading like a weed and are always out. My ricordeas have been doing great, i got them about a month ago what am I doing wrong?