View Full Version : Coralife Lunarlight not working.

06/29/2006, 02:44 PM
Hey gang!

I have a 24" Coralife Lunar light hood that was working fine at one time.

The lights caused a major algea bloom so to fix it, I removed the lunar light hood and replaced it with a standard flourescent hood. I packed my Coralife Lunar lights back into the original box and stored it in the closet for a couple of months till I could get the algea under control again.

Now that I have moved, I brought out the Lunar light hood again, however the flourescent bulbs will not turn on. The moonlights turn on, the fans start up and run while the lights are plugged in, but the lights themselves are not opperating.

I have tried multiple plugs, I have switched the buttons on and off. I have left them on to see if they would start up. nothing.

There does not seem to be any damage to the unit. It was only in opperation for a month so it is pretty much in like-new condition.

any Ideas?