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06/29/2006, 07:15 PM
I was curious if there is anyone in CIMA that would be interested in getting Dive Certified ? My wifes' cousin is a Master Diver Instructor and recently relocated to Mattoon from Florida (We're having his head examined !!!)

I am planning on getting my certification after several years of going diving UNCERTIFIED with buddies in Hawaii. I read the books, bought all of my own gear but never took the time to take a class....AND I LIVED IN HAWAII...how moronic is that ?!?

Anyway...I just thought I would find out if there is any interest in this. Check out the website at www.scubaexpressonline.com and let me know if anyone is interested.

06/29/2006, 07:51 PM
Is SSI certification now accepted at most resorts? When I started diving not too many places would take out someone with SSI certificate for anything more than short free float trips.

06/30/2006, 03:39 PM
I would be interested for the 5 of us, We are thinking of going to the Camons, or a cruise or something next year and would like to get certified, just would need to know how much?

rick rottet
06/30/2006, 05:11 PM

06/30/2006, 09:04 PM
Well this is great....! So if my math is correct....I count SEVEN who are interested yes? I spoke with him yesterday and he will be returning from Florida in two weeks. The very FIRST step is a meeting so he can give us all an overview and determine how many want to commit to the class. Then he talks about setting a time table that works for everyone.

So I will check back periodically......but as of right now...we have seven committed yes ?!?! He said no more than 10 in a class at any one time but he would be willing to more than one class if CIMA had enough people interested in certifying ! ! !

07/01/2006, 09:19 AM
OW certs are $300 for the class, and $88 for the DVD/text/log book. this is PADI fees and hasn't changed in years. with most stores this includes the 4 pool practices you need plus the equipment needed for the pool, but some nickel and dime shops will charge you. you will also need to buy your own fins, mask, and snorkel, then most stores will provide everything else.

assuming you make it through the pool and textbook, you'll need 4 dives in the real world. these you will have to pay - each location has different costs. the dive site will have a per diver fee, you'll need equipment rental, transportation, etc. you are in illinois so it will be dirty, murky water with nothing to see at best, zero visibility at worst.

expect a start to finish cost of $600 per certification, minimum, but probably closer to $800.

i wouldn't take a class with any instructor trying to teach more than 4 students per session. i've seen classes with 10 students, but they also had 3 instructors.

john, it's spelled Cayman's :p , and i'd leave that location until after you are comfortable diving. it is a deep water, advanced location and most of it you will miss with your first certification which is only good to 60 feet. your advanced certification drops you down to 100 feet, much more conducive for the caymans.....oh yeah, and cruises are not for divers either. you can sneak in a snorkel or maybe a dive here and there, but by and large divers avoid cruises like the plague.


07/01/2006, 01:45 PM
thanks for the intel H.....the guy teaching this class is my wifes' cousin and his store/business is internet based so we will do our classes in a pool most likely.....if anyone has a pool that would help tremendously. Anyway....the first meeting is just that; a meeting where he lays out the particulars about the class and costs and find out how many people really want to attend.

07/01/2006, 02:47 PM
Well if I drop 3 grand on certs I wont have a vacation, ,most of the vacation budget will be spent for the classes. I know it isnt cheap but was hoping for something a little more cost effective, err cheap....I have been to the caymans before and loved it and am looking to get back again. I had soo much to drink there I didn't know how to spell it coming back. I guess the kids can get ther own cert on thier own after college, then they can sent mom and dad down there on their dime. :)

07/01/2006, 03:50 PM
It is worth the money if you are seriously interested. For open water certification, many times you can get certified in the resort dives for just a little more than regular dives with a referral from your classroom instructor. It is so much cheaper to do it all over a two week vacation, but not always an option. Rental fees add up, I bought BC, regulator + backup, fins, and mask off ebay for less than $250 plus another $45 for inspection/repair. Half-suit costs another $150. It isn't cheap but to me nothing in the world even compares to the thrill.

07/01/2006, 07:53 PM
OKAY.....just so we're clear....I don't know for certain what the prices are but I am going to do this regardless.

Also; the first meeting is FREE.....so it doesn't cost you anything to ask questions. This guy is very up front and honest. He is going to lay it out what equipment you need and more importantly DON'T NEED...what is overpriced and what is priceless.

So if I can get a show of hands who's interested in attending an information meeting....maybe we can just start there.

I kinda figure that we.....Reef Freaks....aren't into saltwater keeping cause it's cheap (We don't hate money either but still ) so I guess I figure those who would like to find out more will be more inclined to show up !

So let's get this ball rolling. We don't have a date or a location set yet but lets start here...what works better for everyone ?

Weekend or weekday.....?

rick rottet
07/02/2006, 12:57 AM
interested in an information meeting.....no promises after that.

weekends would be better for me.

07/02/2006, 04:24 PM
Somehow I think the numbers may be a little off...

Thank God I paid 8 weeks of my life, 18 more of some other school (bonus for anyone who knows what A.R.S. stands for...:)) but I digress...

Last time I had was in Hawaii with a girlfriend, the class was either $200 or $250, including gear and dives, if I recall. The class was in Maui and lasted 2 or 2.5 days, all work done in the ocean. She had a blast. I hung back with the slow students and tried to help them equalize slowly...

If y'all want to take a group trip to the big sunshine state, I'm in...I still have all my gear...

07/10/2006, 11:46 AM
Okay.......so who's still interested....?

Rick Rottet...are you still in?

07/10/2006, 06:52 PM
I'm just about to finish my PADI open water course. I would be interested in an advanced open water diver course, but no need for the open water cert.

07/10/2006, 07:10 PM
where have you been taking your open water classes?

Michelle L
07/10/2006, 07:23 PM
I took open water PADI classes at Wild Country in Normal. I finished the classroom/pool portion, but never went on to certify in open water.

07/10/2006, 07:28 PM
how were they? the local guy we have in C/U is just plain awful. C/U will be better off for divers once brad leaves the business.

Michelle L
07/10/2006, 09:52 PM
I loved the instructors, but I felt the class was a little too "busy," for lack of a better word. We had good one-on-one attention, with one instructor per group of around four or five. It depends on how many other people you are willing to tolerate around you, because even though there is good supervision by instructors, I am pretty sure that all of their classes are pretty large.

The pool we used was big (it was the pool at ISU), so really it didn't matter in the long run. It was just the herd of people struggling to get into their gear and into the pool that annoyed me. Once we were all in the water it was OK...except for the occassional dummy who didn't look around them and repeatedly kicked others in the face with their fins! :mad:

I regret not finishing the certification. If I went back now I'd have to take the classroom portion over again because that's been three years ago.

07/10/2006, 10:34 PM
I'm currently living near carbondale, il...i am taking my classes at John A. Logan College....We are taking the open water portion at Mermet Springs near Metropolis, IL. The instructor is great. I think she may be doing an advanced class soon in Panama City. She will lead 6 dives in two days to complete the advanced open water diver certification...She hasn't set a date for it, but i am definitely interested. The class is offered for college credit. I realize it's quite a drive for anyone in your area, but I think I only paid 190 dollars for the class and they supply all equipment and airfills. It's used equipment, but equipment nonetheless. The class runs on Saturdays each semester from 10 am till 2 pm.

rick rottet
07/10/2006, 11:07 PM
50- i'm still interested in the meeting to check things out.
and BTW, I do have a swiiming pool that is 24' diameter and 4' deep. i don't have a clue if that is adequate for the purpose, but thought i would mention it.

07/11/2006, 12:03 PM
Rick thanks for the update....and I will ask the instructor if that meets the need.