View Full Version : Help! My skimmer is out of control!

06/29/2006, 08:33 PM
I had a bad case of dinoflagilates a few weeks ago and i had read a post on how to cure them using the antibiotic maracyn. Anyways I dosed 1 pill per 20g for 3 days straight with the lights out and it cured my problem, but now even weeks later my skimmer still wont stop going nuts. I get about a half gallon of very very watery skimmate an hour. I am barely using my skimmer now bcause any time i turn it on i have to babysit it so i dont have a huge overflow. Btw it is a remora, set to the dryest setting, and it was running the whole time i was dosing, but without the collection cup in (just to aid in oxygenating the water). What can I do to tame it?
Thanx in advance,

da colts
06/29/2006, 08:43 PM
water changes, and a poly filter.