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06/30/2006, 09:19 PM

I am currently setting up a 90 gallon reef tank and I would like to now what type of corals are best for this set up.

90 gallon tall tank.

45 lbs or carribean live rock ( this is light rock so 1/2 lb per gallon is recomended)

4 mex jet power heads (moves 6x the tank ever hour)

RedSea wave master pro

RedSea protien skimmer

10 gallon sump

overflow box

lots of filter media

400 watt metal halite light set up

175 watt metal halite set up

All the water in the tank goes through about 6 times ever hour. Water quality is perfect. the tank has been cycled and runnning for a few months. I'm looking to get a a bunch of frags,(mostly SPS,a few Montis and a few others) an anemone, a few fish. (hippo tang, yellow tang, clownfish pair, mabe one more not sure yet). Tell me what you think.



06/30/2006, 10:28 PM
I would start it off with the easier corals:

zoanthids, star polyps etc.

06/30/2006, 10:43 PM
ok, i'm not just gonna give advice on corals only here so bear w/me lol.

first, i dont thing that 2 tangs should be kept together because i think i heard that they wont get along, so i would look into that before getting them..the clown pair will be fine if not great. Try to get a pair that's already paired..if that makes sense lol. In other words if there's a bunch of them in a tank, look for a couple that stay close together or something..that way you dont get the chance of them fighting, not that they do much anyways (not the percs anyways)

You say you have tons of filter media...what is it in? the overflow? I'm in the process of taking out all the media in my filter because the media is a great place for nitrates to build up...mine for example were up to 100 when i got back from vacation, and everything else was fine, there was even a weekly pwc done while i was away and nothing has died, so that leaves me to believe it was the media in the canister.

Next, i'm not sure if 45 lbs live rock would be enough, even if it says to only use 1/2 lb per gallon, i'd still go 1 at least. I generally dont go by whatever the box or instructions say for products, usually because everything is overrated...for example the seaclone skimmer thats rated for 150..i would only use that on a 40 gallon tank max...but i could be wrong and this stuff could actually be what whoever sells it says it is....so look into that too.

the sump...if your skimmer isnt in the sump (you say redsea...isnt that a hang on one?) then thats prolly not doing any good...10 gallons of water extra to a 90 isnt really gonna help much, and it would really only be like 5 or 6, since you have to allow room for overflow....but if your skimmer is in it, then by all means keep it lol. If not, you could possibly turn it into a fuge and put some chaeto in it, if you havent already.

Your lighting is pretty good, so i'd say you could keep just about anything, but there might be some stoney corals (i'm not too familiar w/them) that wont do good, so i'll let someone else talk bout them...
but i'd say any polyps for sure, those are easy (and good beginner ones) prolly any zoos, hammers, stuff like that will all do great i think.

last, i think that i heard some tangs will pick at certain corals, so you gotta watch out for that.

hope this book hleps

06/30/2006, 11:26 PM
you say you are interested in mostly SPS...you will need to increase your flow alot more than that.....over 20x turnover

07/01/2006, 11:46 AM
The filter media has Seachem Seagel and Seachem matrix, filter pads ext.My skimmer is a hang on but its down in the sump. I will look into that and get a better one. mabe a little more live rock would help.20x the tank every hour ??? thats alot. 2000 GPH!
including my pump GPH I only have about 1200 GPH. if i update a few of my power heads i can get 1510 GPH making 17 turn over
Thats alot! But Would I still need more flow?

07/01/2006, 12:44 PM
For SPS, IMHO, yes. I keep softies in my 21g with 32x turnover, and LPS & softies in my 65g with 18x turnover. It's not as much as you think. You want lots of random flow for SPS -- these corals are exposed to high amounts of water movement in nature and I can't imagine them doing well without lots of current. I recently read an article detailing the importance of water movement for gas exchange in corals, the author made a good point: corals can take days without light; they'll die much sooner if the pumps fail.

If you've got 1200gph, you're at 12x. I'd aim for 30+ with SPS, JMO. Add a few powerheads and see if you can angle them such that no coral will get directly blasted, but there's lots of swirling current. You can use flow from another PH or the tank walls to diffuse the output. It can take a while to find all the right angles, but once you do you'll have happy corals :)

07/01/2006, 01:59 PM
I second and third the idea that you need more flow for sps...BUT perhaps not approaching 30x IF you intend on keeping only a few hardy specimins like montiporas (digis and caps), pocilloporas, birdsnest, etc... IF you want to go full on sps you are definately going to need more AND random flow, GREAT skimming. A calcium reactor is also a very strong recommendation of mine.

I agree with the idea of having only 1 tang in a 90 gallon.


07/01/2006, 03:00 PM
Also the sump is very small, i have a 40 with a 30 sump

07/01/2006, 04:25 PM
I plan to have a lot of small polyp stony corals expecaly ones that branch. and I hope to some day frag mine. I dont mind putting in the extra $$ to pull up flow I just dont want to have so much flow it bothers the fish. With the 10 gallon sump its more of a DIY canister filter but it offers as much room as I want. I plan to add calcium manualy.

07/01/2006, 04:48 PM
You can add ca and alk manually indefinately, but I can tell you from experience that it is a huge pita. That is the reason I recommend a reactor. You will be adding a literal ton of carbonates to your tank, and will have to test every week or so. The ease and comparative low expense of a reacor is worth it imo.

If you want 'alot of small polyp stony corals especially ones that branch' you will need to dramatically increase flow and try to get it random. Have you looked into the seios or MJ mod? The MJ mod will dramatically increase flow I believe, not sure what all it entails. I think there's a big thread on it in the diy forum. Don't worry about flow as far as it effects fish. Most of the fish you would be adding are probably from zones that would put the highest x tank on this board to literal shame. They are adapted to that, and in fact many of the fish we keep need strong flow.

Sounds like you're planning ahead, that's nice to see!

07/01/2006, 04:52 PM
Oh, and I believe that MJ's are one of the few that can be on a timer. So if you can mod and put it on a wavemaker, there's your increased flow AND random! :)

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