View Full Version : Anenome Crab has left home and run away.... Why?

06/30/2006, 10:49 PM
I have had an anenome crab for around a month or two, not sure of scientific name.

Anyhow he immediately went to my GBTA and hosted from the second he hit the water. He was ALWAYS at home, feeding, resting, hanging out.

Then yesterday he was not there. Looked around and found him on the other end of the tank sitting. He has been slowy cruising around and not returned home over the past two days. He does not appear to be molting and never left in the past while molting (which I know he has molted in my tank).

Any ideas of why he would run away... I recently removed a Six Line Wrasse, Sally Lightfoot, and Pistol Shrimp as they were kind of hostile.

Here is a picture... I'm going to post it on Milk Cartons until he returns home ;(

06/30/2006, 11:26 PM
maby he wants a change of senery. probally not enough light/food for him and his anemonie