View Full Version : 90 gal with 530W ?

07/01/2006, 07:47 AM
I currently have a 90 gal tank with 4 110W VHOs. I am considering upgrading to 2 - 150 MH and keep my 2 blue Actinic 110 VHOs.

However, this would make it 520W of total light, and I have a few concerns.

1. Is 520W way too much light?
2. What other blue lighting can I use that can make use of my IceCap 660 ballast and not be an additional 220W?
3. I'm live in South FL and I was going to mount this all under my current wood canopy, will this make the water temp sky-rocket?



07/01/2006, 08:16 AM
That would be good for most softies and a number of sps. If you want to keep high light clams and any sps I would go with a couple 250's and all 4 vho actinics. Then you could go with a higher par mh in the 10,000K range and still have the color. Even though the watts per gallon rule doesn't always work, closer to 10 wpg is what I would aim for if sps/clams and the 5 wpg for the softies/lps. And yes the mh's create a lot of heat if not vented well and low evaporation is occurring.

I haven't really looked into T-5's but that may be something to study up on and then there is about half of the wattage needed from what I understand.

07/01/2006, 08:47 AM
ANother vote for 2 x 250s but 2 vho's for actinics.A friend of mine had 150's and had acros like blue torts that would survive but not grow till he ended up getting 250's.

07/01/2006, 12:14 PM
If you really wanted some nice lighting go with 2 250 DE's on luminarc reflectors. Even single ended are unbelievable in the luminarcs.