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07/08/2006, 07:14 PM
Right now we have 4 positions set up in SCMAS...4 individuals are working together to get things formalized for our club, and are putting in the efforts needed for this thing to be organized and successful. We are in our third year; however, it has been informal, and now with the growth we have experienced over the last year, it is time to cement this thing.

Right now the 4 positions are...

Public relations coordinator - Eric Drew (calvin415)
Club Coordinator - Eric Lichaa (Coreefer)
Event Coordinator - Robert Pershing (Avs21)
Financial coordinator - Paul Murphy (Murfman)

Each respective position holds the same weight, all are equal...The duty of the PRC is to work with the local retail firms, and basically be the spokesperson for the club.

The EC is self explainatory, this person is in charge of communications to the club as well as working with hosts on events, etc...

The duty of the finacial coordinator is to put together a system of tracking revenues and expenses as well as advising the other three upon the status of the club's financial situation.

The CC is basically a position to sync up communication between all 3 other positions, as well as taking up slack when needed.

This is all preliminary and as the 4 meet, duties may change. We just recently put this mechanism into place, so we should have a formalized organization by mid August once all of us have met.

As a side note, Todd is spearheading the club for Pueblo...

Discourse is welcomed in this thread...as this is preliminary, our goal is to have a formalized operation in place by mid August with the hopes of having an opportunity for everyone wanting to participate by the first 2007.


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07/12/2006, 01:29 PM
For those of us on the southern end of the Denver metro area, it's nice to see that we have options to visit an active club from our friends down south.

Hey Castle Rock.... if you are a little south of sanity, does that mean that I'm closer to sanity? That certainly can't be right! :)


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LOL ummm no your in the hobby so you as bad off as the rest of us :p