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07/10/2006, 02:02 PM
I to enjoyed your article on quarantines. After 8 months I have been too lucky playing Russian Roulette in adding fish to my tank.

In your article I read that you painted your tank to cut down reflections and disturbing movement out side the side/back. I painted the outside of my el cheapo (20 g from Petsmart) but then wondered how this would address the reflections? Did you paint the inside of the tank??!! If so what sort of paint did you use??

07/10/2006, 05:38 PM
I didn't end up painting mine. I just lined the back and sides with black plastic. A really good alternative is the stuff used by sign writers.

They call it "vinyl" (at least that's what they call it in Australia). It comes on a roll and you peel the backing sheet off and press it to the glass. You can wet the glass to allow better placement of the vinyl and this also helps in the removal of the bubbles.

I'd advise against painting the inside of the glass as most paints will eventually react with the water.