View Full Version : Icecap 660 VHO question

07/16/2006, 04:47 PM
I have 4 46.2" VHO bulbs on my set-up and I'm running a 660 ballast. Is there any way to make this so I can run the Actinics and the Whites on a different switch or is the only option to run a different ballast for each?

Also what is the smaller plug on the ballast for, there are two, one small and one large.

07/16/2006, 05:04 PM
plug is for a DIMMER

and no you cant wire it like that. altho with a dimmer it does sunup.done by it self

07/16/2006, 05:09 PM
where can you get one, do you have a link?

07/16/2006, 05:47 PM
championlighting.com sells them. they call them solar dimmers
they can be a bit tricky to get it to work.
and the customer service of blueline ( blueline makes the dimmer for icecap ballast) sucks,... ( blue line and champion are the same people)