View Full Version : Current Outer Orbit and MH bulbs

07/16/2006, 08:11 PM
Hey everybody, I've got a Current USA Outer Orbit 24" fixture. It comes with a 150W DE 10,000K bulb (I believe it's a powerpaq), and utilizes 2 65W Smartpaq Actinic PCs. It does not use an HQI ballast, rather a electronic ballast made by Sunpark (some generic e-ballast).

I want to use this over a 20G regular (~15" tall). I bought this to replace a 250W Aquamedic HQI fixture that was lighting Acropora and finally got this thing ready to use.

Does anybody have any experience with the output of this fixture (just the MH). Of course it would have no comparison to the output of a fixture driven by an HQI ballast, but how does it stack up to other units with E-ballasts? I've been using Sanjay's electronic ballasts as a rough guide but I'm guessing this e-ballast runs lower PAR.

What is a good bulb to use to keep a good balance between growth and coloration in Acropora? I don't want to use 10,000Ks, and would prefer a 14,000K or a 20,000K (yes even with the actinics). So far it seems the Aquaconnect and Radium are sound choices, what else would you guys recommend? Much thanks in advance.