View Full Version : Low water pressure = bad rejection rate from membrane

07/17/2006, 11:45 AM
The town recently replaced (or installed) a radio transmitter on the water meter so they no longer need to send the little cards for the 3-month meter readings. After this happened my water pressure that was about 40psi has dropped to about 35psi.

My tap water is about 120-130ppm. Post membrane its about 16-20ppm, so it is eating DI Resin pretty quick. Before, post membrane was 2-3ppm. The water is from an inline tap into a cold water pipe. It flows through about 28 feet of 1/4" tubing that is run through a heated storage container to try to maintain the water temperature.

I also have a permeate pump and have noticed that it is not cycling as it had in the past.

Do I need to add a booster pump? If so, where is a good place to buy one? Are there any "bad" booster pumps? Are there any other options?

I was wondering if I could re-do the tubing before the RO/DI to a larger tubing to try to add some more pressure. Is this a bad idea??


07/17/2006, 11:49 AM
my company markets a r/o system {they donated one to my reefs} anyway, it will not work properly below 60 psi city water pressure. we tell customers they must install a booster pump if their below that #

07/17/2006, 12:14 PM
I'd get the booster pump. The higher the pressure you can get (up until about 110psi) the better results you'll see.

07/17/2006, 01:02 PM
what online retailers sell booster pumps for ro/di units?

07/17/2006, 01:07 PM

Any of the above should be able to help you with honest answers and a quality product.