View Full Version : Eheim 2128 Thermofilter: ONLY FRESHWATER???

07/19/2006, 02:40 PM
Just wanted to post a thread about an experiment I've been conducting. I bought the Eheim 2128 Thermofilter Freshwater version. Eheim also makes a saltwater version specifically for marine aquariums.

I contacted their customer support and asked them if I could run my freshwater version on a saltwater tank...as long as I didn't use the heater at the same time. They said no, it cannot be done and that there will be corrosion.


I've been using the filter(no heater) on my saltwater for almost a month with no signs of corrosion. So for those of you with the same problem; feel free to use your freshwater thermofilter on your saltwater tank. However, I would not recommend plugging in the heater component.

I don't remember too much from chemistry but I believe once you pass a current through the heater coils it would cause all the dissolved Cl, Mg, Zn, and other dissolved ions to precipitate out of solution onto the coils...? Just a hypothesis