View Full Version : Viatom filter

07/20/2006, 08:39 AM
I just gotta say how happy I am with the Viatom filter I got. I have a 120g FOWLR which was getting cloudy. I cleaned out my canister filter, checked skimmer etc but the tank was still cloudy after 2 days. So I pulled out the diatom filer spend 15 minutes cleaning it out, I was too lazy last time :p. Charged it with a cup of pool diatom poweder, cheap stuff. I hooked it up to the tank, and let her rip while watched some law and order. Went back to the tank and walla a crystal clear tank. Awesome. The filter was still pushing a lot of water so it probably had more capacity.

07/20/2006, 08:45 AM
yeah i hook up mine to the tank every month or so... does a great job of cleaning out the tank....