View Full Version : Need advice (quickly) on T-5 setup for my 38

07/26/2006, 04:52 PM
Yes, I saw the sticky but I didn't want to spend an hour to go through it all. My dual 96 watt PC fixture just had one side go out. So now I have one 96 watt, 10,000 k running over my tank that is 5 months old. I'm very worried about how long some of my stuff will survive under this alone and I want to get a good light fixture this time. I need it quickly! I'm thinking about getting a Tek and everybody says get one with individual reflectors.

I like the Teks and I wouldn't mind getting a 3', 6 bulb set up off ebay for 300 with free shipping. Does not come with bulbs and doesn't look like they have individual reflectors. Is there anywhere I should look that would be cheaper or better? I want to get a really good fixture this time because I'm very aggravated by the situation I'm in right now. Would 4 T-5s be enough? Or should I go 6? Thanks.

07/26/2006, 05:10 PM
I would think 3 HO T5's with SLR reflectors would grow anything you could want.