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08/01/2006, 03:49 PM
So first off I don't want to make this a shameless advertisement for one of the new products im out selling at the moment. I would however like to try an instigate a discussion about it though! (We can never have too many threads on this forum right?!)

As a couple of you guys know I rep for Tetra, Marineland, Jungle Labs, Perfecto Aquariums, and Aquarium Systems (maybe a little better known as the people who make instant ocean salt.) Actually feedback, good or crappy would be excellent and welcome at any time (any information I can pass along in my report to the big boss is great!)

Anyways off to what I was talking about. We just recently released a new "supplements" into our tetra food line (one of a few.) Being a saltwater guy I was interested in "Microcrabs." Basically we've decided to finally put out a cyclop-eeze food out, and in granular form. Is this something you guys would be interested in when you are looking at fish foods? If so...you pick up the can...what are some of the questions and things you'd be looking for on the can? For instance I know some of you guys look at protein and fat percentage to determine how much pollution its going to put into your reef tank. If you could get into any specifics all the better. I don't seem to be having much trouble selling these to shop owners but i'm just curious what some of my reefer peers think.

And would you guys mind if I asked similar questions in the future about new products? I mean like I said I don't want to be using this forum as advertisement or anything...but at the same time you guys have an opportunity to talk to the ears and eyes (read:me) of the five comapnies mentioned above. LOL basically what I am asking is if you guys would beneift?

08/01/2006, 06:37 PM
Yeah, I always like to hear about new products coming out, even better if I can say how I think about them. i will try to go out and grab a can. I can tell you that i had been using the regular cyclopeeze, and my zoos were particularly receptive to it. If that helps at all.

And I know this is off topic, but I was planning on building a small tank that was 2ft long, 2ft wide and about 1ft deep. Does perfecto (or any of the other groups you represent) make anything with a large footprint like that? Thanks for any help you can give.


08/01/2006, 07:41 PM
id be willing to try a free sample, and tell you what i think:D

08/02/2006, 04:34 AM
I welcome it ST. One thing I miss was hearing about the new products coming out. And who better to ask than actual reefers and enthusiastsfor opinions? To me that's smart marketing and also good business practice.
One thing I would like to see on fish food products is the amont of iodine per teaspoon. I would think with Cyclopeeze type products it would be high (good).

Granular form is good too. If possible I would however like to see that type product that sinks, maybe in pellet form? Both the flake form and granular form seem to float way too good and much of it gets taken up by my overflow and then in my sump.

08/02/2006, 04:55 PM
I'll agree extremely with the sinking part. My clean up crew can get anything accept for what floats on the surface. (I lost my shrimp several months ago :-( ) I don't know why, but benthic creatures call to me.

It's a shame I didn't see this post a year ago. In the lab where I worked one of the experiments being run was on food preferences. Would have been cool to try this out and see what some of the fish preferred.

08/02/2006, 09:40 PM
as far as cyclops is concerned, the high omega-3 fatty acids, HUFA's, cartenoids (sp?) and over-all just great high-protein source is what sells me on it.

What I would like more about granules is that I've been wanting to get a harem of anthias - and to make sure they're fed right, use a dry form of cyclops with an automatic feeder so they can get constant small feedings (using the freeze-dried form) but the freeze-dried stuff is hard to find anywhere - so it would be nice to have a readily available substitute- or better product of course ;)

There's a specific quote for some a coral-foods base product, I'll see if I can find it- it basically sounds like the holy grail of fish-foods, that would be something that would make me as a buyer want to get it :D

ok, just this : :rolleyes: I mean, you might to take what you can relate to your product from this and condense it to fit on the label - (it's kind of like how I made my resume :lol: ) and of course, make sure to include the advantages of your product over theirs....

Cyclop-eeze are very rich in fatty acid (35%), especially the important fatty acid EPA(11.74%) and DHA (11.09%). By comparing with Artemia, Cyclop-eeze appear to be a very good source of n3 (w-3) fatty acids. Many Breeders have found it neccessary or desirable to enrich their newly hatched Brine Shrimp with HUFAs to provide adequate nutritional value. When switching to or supplementing with Cyclop-eeze (rich in HUFAs) this is no longer a concern. The fatty acid profile of Cyclop-eeze is similar to that of menhaden fish oil used in dish diets. Cyclop-eeze are also rich in the 17 essential amino acids and minerals. The carotenoid data show that Cyclop-eeze have very high astaxanthin concentration comparared with Artemia. A comparison between Cyclop-eeze and Artemia is shown in Table 1. Cyclop-eeze have been successfully used for pigmenting shrimp, rainbow trout, tropicals (Marine and Fresh), etc. in many test feed around the world. 94% of the carotenoid of Cyclop-eeze is astaxanthin, which imparts the red hue to aquatic animals. The astaxanthin accumulated in the skin of salmon and ornamental fish is mostly an esterified form of the carotenoid. Test feed reports of Cyclop-eeze showed that dietary astaxanthin esters result in pigment depositions several times higher than either free astaxanthin or other pigment sources. Enhanced coloration effect (2%-5%) is very evident through these studies. Growth enhancement is 15%-30%, and reproductive enhancement is 5%-15%.

08/02/2006, 09:49 PM
Wow i'm glad to see to see a good response on this thread. :D Gives me another thing to do in my hotel room at night! In case anyone wants to know i'm in Shallote, NC selling stuff, which is not too far north of Mrytle Beach. I have a pretty kick arse territory- Aberdeen down to here in Shallote. Anyways I digress!

First order of business. Cmondo after reading this thread I ran out of my air conditioned room and braved the humid North Carolina night to retrive the infamous Perfecto black binder. Perfecto is slacking a bit on lists and catalogs so i'm working off a makeshift one a fellow rep made for me. Paging through I don't see anything with a a 24 X 24 footprint. If you wanted to skip out on building one yourself and wanted a "production" one you'd have to go to your local store and ask them if aga, oceanic (aga and oceanic are the same company now btw.), or perfecto can custom make a tank for you. If I get a call from a store in MD (I don't call on DE or PA stores) about a 24 X 24 tank i'll know who to blame! Was that helpful?

Mbbuna come down to NC and i'll give you some samples :p You know if I give you free samples everyone needs free samples! I actually have 12 spare cans atm. I just need some gas and a delreef club meeting :D I dunno...sometimes I have extra stuff. However I cannot order IO salt for myself (to expensive to ship) and atm I cannot order marineland stuff :mad:

WDS i'm smart enough to know if my products don't leave store shelves than I won't be selling that product to the shop owner! Sides I gotta make some conversation with you guys...can't be hiding under a piece of live rock all the time. As far as sinking rate I haven't tested it too much yet. But from what I have seen it doesn't float for long at all and has a slow to medium sink rate. (Its kinda hard for me to quantify that rate...slow to me might be fast to you...hence you guys saying you need hands on experience.) The other selling point I have with this stuff is it crushes really easy...which to me means 2 things. 1 its going to be easier for the fish to eat. 2 if you needed it in a powder form it'd be pretty easy to crush.

Unfortunately there is no information on iodine on the can. I will however make a note of that on this week's report to my boss. Maybe someday they will put that on the cans *shrugs*

The new supplements just came out so its a good possibility you may not be seeing it yet. But if you are familiar with Tetra supplement cans it will come in the same type of can, a red metallic one.

And again I always welcome bad comments as much as good ones. I do not invent this stuff (well not yet...maybe someday in the future they will be asking my opinion) I just sell it...so you won't hurt my feelings...too badly ;)

Thanks again guys.

08/03/2006, 06:59 PM
ST my comments weren't an attack on you or your company. Quite the contrary, I'm glad to see that there is a legitimate source of communications for both sides. That's a personal compliment by the way :).

The sink rate is hard to determine I suppose since so many people run different flow rates/set-ups. I'm in the 550-750 range I would guess and the Cyclopeeze that's availabe now is VERY SLOW in sinking. You literally have to soak it for a little while to get any amount of it to make it to the bottom of the tank. As I watch my overflow I can easily surmise that about 3/4 of it goes into my sump unless it's soaked first.

Even if the Iodine qty can't be posted on the can it would be nice to know how it compares to other food forms.

Here's a little oddity for you that you might appreciate and Kaptain Ken can verify the results at least.

I purchased two Lettuce Sea Slugs (they're actually not nudibranchs) about 3 months ago. When they first entered the tank they had the natural lettuce green with some spots on them coloring. After they began to climb to the top rim of the tank and getting some of the Cyclopeeze that attached to the algae, they completley changed colors.
Now the body is almost blackish and the top fraid edge of them which is usally bright green or yellow, is now red to orange in color. Reminiscent of the Platax Pinnatus (orange-lined batfish). I haven't seen anything posted abou this so I thought it might be interesting since the pigments in the food have definitely proven there uptake abilites.

08/03/2006, 08:41 PM
you know, I just had a thought.... .... ... . ok, it's gone now.

but if cyclopeeze is made from fresh water arctic lake little poddy things, They just may not have very much iodine in them at all. thats more of an ocean organism thing.

flowing fresh water rivers and lakes are fed by distilled water condensate falling from the sky. they only pick up the small amounts of minerals disolved from the runoff. since all the fresh water runs to the ocean, the minerals and salts go with it and everything concentrates in the ocean. ergo the ocean is salty and higher in iodine.

OW!!.. that was two thawts..

08/05/2006, 01:29 AM

I must confess, i found myself miss informed on cyclop-eeze. it seems that it is raised in arctic lakes, but a super saline lake rather than fresh water. all conclusions probably wrong about iodine . so in the interest of endless information, i've written the company for any info on iodine content they may have. If a response arrives, i will post it.

sorry, I assumed, and we all know what happens when we assume .

08/05/2006, 08:46 AM
I wrote them last week also Ken in hopes of finding out any results if they have them.

08/06/2006, 10:59 PM
WDS I didnt think you were attacking my company at all! I was just inviting critiques! So no worries :D

As far as the amazing fake-me-out-nudi changing color thats pretty darn cool! You should sell them on e-bay for a bijillion dollars as a rare "strain" of nudis :D

I wonder what other critters that would work with (i know some other nudi-sea slug like critters grab pigments or chloroplasts from their food source.) I think your onto a good idea here...

08/07/2006, 08:41 PM
LOL nah I don't do this for the money. I just enjoy the day to day life events of my animals.

I had heard about the color uptake form the food and have especially seen it in clowns Percs and fake percs especially. I had no idea that the Lettuce would do it though. After backtracking the only thing left out was the food and then narrowed it down to the Cyclopeez. I thought That Fish Place sold me some kind of imposter lol.

08/07/2006, 10:05 PM
hmmm, many fish foods contain carotinoids for color enhancement. you can buy astaxanthin at


for those who like to make their own frozen fish foods.

08/07/2006, 11:38 PM
I'm hijacking my own thread here...but have you guys seen the new craze in parrot cichlids? No not dying the eggs...tattooing the fish itself. Pretty darn crazy!!!! I wonder what the survival rate is? :eek2:

08/08/2006, 12:17 PM
craze, thats exactly what it is. its crazy to make an ugly fish even uglier. Granted, all the fish I keep now are hybrid cichlids and flowerhorns from malaysia and taiwan, but these are just but ugly now. I doubt the survival rate is affected, its just another reason for more stores to sell these ugly fish. (i do keep 2 regular parrots, but they are more dithers than anything).

08/08/2006, 12:43 PM
Tattooing fish? I wonder if this is done the same way we marked the fish in our lab last summer during an experiment. Have any links to more info about this?

08/08/2006, 07:49 PM
I don't have any links. I think it would be more interesting if you could freeze chromatophores when a critter makes a color/pattern you like. The tattoed parrots i've seen were pretty ugly, the designs were primitive.