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05/29/2002, 05:26 PM
Hi Simon,

I just read your article and I very interested on developing your advice in my system. I currently feed my reactor with the main pump but it is really frustrating because after some days it doesn’t function.

Additional, I read your answer about using a Watson-Marlow pump head and I would like to know if you have a specific brand / model from the Swiss made DC motor you mentioned because I don’t know if these kind of motors have standard rotors or not. This is because I live in Mexico City and for me is very difficult to obtain these types of products.

By the way, what do you refer "e-bay" for? Is it a site?

Thanks a lot


06/24/2002, 02:29 PM
Sorry for my late reply. I purchased my components from RS Components here in England. I will give you the part numbers for the various items and you can look them up at their website http://www.rswww.com

12v motor - 255-9611 or 255-9605
Pumphead - 330-812
Mounting plate - 330-828

It doesn't work out cheap but they last much longer than many aquarium brands I have tried.

Ebay is an online auction www.ebay.com where occasionaly used peristaltic pumps become available. Usually these are ex medical or scientific use.