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08/03/2006, 07:52 PM
I need some local opinions, please chime in. Please?

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08/03/2006, 09:27 PM
you have some interesting plans.

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do. but it looks complicated from a construction point of view. Have you considered working in acrylic for some of those complex sump fabrications.? its easier to drill. you can make it out of the thickness of plastic you want for strength, and easy to glue together.

I dont know too much about drilling glass tanks, but it seems that those small tanks have very thin walls, and thus are more apt to crack if the piping puts too much stress on the bulkhead. I would guess that a separation of at least one hole diameter between the two drilled holes would be the minimum distance required. but even that would seem weak. I would make it two diameters at the least. I wonder if there is a rule of thumb?

but mostly, like hanging pipe, you need good weight support of the plumbing so as not to torque stress the drilled hole and glass panel. you have to consider the weight of the water in the piping and the geometry which will determine the stress on the glass.

does that get you started?

08/03/2006, 09:51 PM
im kind of in the same boat. been planning my big tank for years and have finally started. i think the easiest suggestion i can make and the solution if am going with is to have one large common sump. there is no need to connect your tanks or sumps. for example, if you have 4 20 gallon tanks simply drain them all into one giant sump(at least 50gal). by having one sump you only need to have 1 skimmer, 1 heater, 1 return pump etc.,) you can use the sump for biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration, nutrient absorption, and temperture control. even top off is easy and automatic with a solid state float switch. your ideas are ambitioius but i think the KISS principle is the best route. good luck with your project.


08/03/2006, 10:44 PM
That is the plan logans_daddy. Guess I should have typed a lot more on the page before I posted, but I had to get it up before I messed with it forever and never got it up.

Won't be a "large sump" per say, but I the bottom 20gallon that is in the back will not be visible at all once the stand is completed. The bottom three pictures and plans for what will be in it. I could never do one heater, could never trust it, but will have a couple in there. There will also be two pumps, a large aquaclear, hob skimmer until I can afford a good internal skimmer, and a UV box. The 5.5g that will be going inside will have some macro in it which requires a strong flow and possibly a heavy sand bed. A small section of the 20 G will probably have a sand bed as well. I will try to fill in a lot more details as I get the chance to.

Inside the sump will likely be acrylic due to my current budget and I also have a small gift card for home depot. I have gone back and forth with deciding to drill these displays or not for a long time and well it is time I do it. If I attach any kind of hob overflow it will kill my view. In the backed out view of everything to the very far right you can see just a tiny bit of my corner desk which I spend most of my time at. Right now I can look through both of the tanks. With HOB all over each of them there will be a wall of wires, equipment, and crap between me and the other tank. And to hide it all I would need to put up tacky backing on the tanks. I'd rather just have the glass.

To tired to type more now, will try to update the site when I can.