View Full Version : Shark Week?

08/05/2006, 05:00 AM
Shark Week on Discovery Channel was great! I was quite intrigued by their "seemingly" bizzare behaviours of the years. Seeing all those nice specimens from triggers and angelfish to gobies and tangs made my mouth water! Then I realized to enhance my meagre collection of fish, I have to get back into the water. After shark week? Whoaaaa!!! Am I getting soft or what? Just one dive trip and any jitters should vanish.....yeah I think so....<<convincing myself>>

09/14/2006, 11:11 PM
hey ...not to sound rude but......who are u writing to? i was scrolling down reef club forums and clicked on bermuda....and they're u were, only posts by you and no one responds. anyhow....best of luck to your reef club. by the way...did u ever figure out what makes the clicking sounds in your tank. my tank does it also, sounds like hermit shells tapping against glass.

09/18/2006, 06:15 PM
Hey SALTWATERSIG. Hopefully, somebody can get a little laugh from the BMAC page as he or she swings by to check us out. I'll keep writing and they will/may come. Our marine fish club is very small.

Anyway, SHARK WEEK had an obscure effect on me. I went over yesterday for the first time this year. I began looking at the bottom for an attacker or a side-swipper. Behold, 4 barracuda approach us. I sighed and said, "It's too beautiful out her to worry." There's <1% danger of getting attacked in Bermuda.

Anyway, we got a nice haul - 2 jewelfish, 3 juvenile yellowhead wrasses, 1 blue tang, 2 pudding wives and 1 reef butterfly fish.

Clicking in the tank. Well I saw a few shrimp molts here and there. I never got to see it out in the open. My pudding wife (which I gave away yesterday) grew quickly and I think it dealt with that critter. No more clicking.......just the heater cutting in an out from time to time. Happy Reefing!