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08/10/2006, 12:58 AM
Hi everyone,
Still in the process of starting up my 40 gallon breeder. Ugh, it has taken forever. At least 3 or 4 months. =( I am designing a closed loop for it. I am going to use a sump/refugium that my boyfriend and I are going to build out of acrylic. So far here are the tank specifications, Aqua C Remora Pro (yes I should have went with an urchin or an in sump model but at the time I was doing all hang on the back equipment) I am going to hang this into the first chamber of the sump before it hits the fuge. I didn't make the stand tall enough to fit it inside the sump. =( Aqualight Pro, fiji pink sand fine, vistherm, quiet one 3000 return, quiet one 5,000 closed loop,American DJ power switch unit, and other stuff I know I am forgetting but it's late and I am forgetful. Anyway, just a question, with the equipment I have, what is the best method to dose calcium? Should I use a drip Kalk? Save and buy a Calcium Reactor, or dose the liquid calcium? I've seen it at the pet stores and a local reef member uses liquid calcium in their reef. They dose it daily in their sump. What does everyone recommend? What calcium tests do you recommend using? Should I dose it in the first chamber of the sump? What brands of calcium? What trace elements should I dose? Should I dose Iodine? Oh one biggie. Here is the list of reef inhabitants I plan on keeping, Hammer Coral, Frogspawn, Clams, Favia, Blastos, Maybe an open brain, Zoos, short tentacle plate coral, Orage caps and purple caps. Possibly Acropora when my skills advance. Thank you all.

08/10/2006, 01:20 AM
C-Balance :)

08/10/2006, 01:46 AM
I hate dosing daily, PITA IMO. I drip kalkwasser, its fairly easy too. Just mix it a day in advance (low dosage per gallon since your tank is not using too much calcium) and then dripping it with in a 24hr span. This will help with the water top off as you lose it through evporation, it will be very apparent when you add the sump. Some people lose 1g per day, some lose less. It all depends on how you are cooling your tank.

08/10/2006, 11:07 AM
Billy do you dose C balance everyday? EK did you make you kalk drip yourself or buy it online? Another quick question, I have cats and I am afraid they are going to want to get into things, should I put a glass cover over the top of the aquarium? They've already tried getting into my freshwater tanks. =/ How do you like your Typhoon III? That is what I am planning on getting. Can you still use your tap water with that hooked up? Stupid question I know. Sorry. Thank you all. =) Oh, what calcium tests do you recommend?

08/10/2006, 04:09 PM
Yes, I dose it once a day. I have one of those cups you use for medicine marked with a sharpie and the whole procedure takes me about 30 seconds, if that. Much easier than dripping kalk, IMO. You also don't run the risk of having the drip too concentrated, or things like that. Also, I wouldn't put glass on top of the aquarium.. if anything use eggcrate. Glass will filter the light which the corals need even though it looks the same to people. Most everyone would agree Salifert has the best test kits. They are more expensive, but definitely worth it.


mister crabs
08/10/2006, 07:41 PM
mix kalk with ur topoff water and drip it via a dosing pump

08/10/2006, 08:38 PM
half a cap of purple up every other day works fine for me, but if you use quality salt and change water every 2 weeks, supplementation isnt necessary