View Full Version : Potential for relocation?

08/12/2006, 11:08 PM
Hey all its been about a week or two since I've gotten a nice little piece of rock with 4 really nice purple (and blue when i don't look at them right on!) plain mushrooms. They have been expanding\opening in the day and wilting at night which I assume is normal for anything that uses zooanxthelle ..

Now consider this:

.. in the last few days the bottom left mushroom has been staying in its shrunken state. It's larger than the shroom above it, but only when expanded. Could the one above it be shading it and it isn't getting the light it wants? It's a tricky piece of rock to get to fit just right in my tank so I'm wondering what I could do to help the little guy want to come out . ... Unless he's being an overly sensative brat and not relaxing as soon as his siblings..

Any ideas would be great :)

08/16/2006, 12:03 PM
I'm honestly not sure if this would be considered pedal laceration or polyp extrusion (which has been noted by Eric Borneman in Ricordea). But, either way the result will probably be two separate, healthy poylps.