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08/15/2006, 06:38 PM
Good Evening,

I currently am running a AP24 and am thinking about the future. I would like to go to a larger tank in a few months and wanted to run some ideas past everyone. I am interested in the following equipment:

Oceanic 70 show 36.5x18.5x25 I can't go wider because of where I want to place the tank.

Oceanic sump Model 1 - I believe this will meet my needs, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am not sure on what lights I would want, but I would like a variety of corals sps, lps etc. Not sure how strong I would need considering the tank is deep.

Also will get a skimmer...I see that many people like the deltec. Costs more, but from what people say it's worth the money. Any suggestions, here.

I was thinking that 80-90 lbs. of LR in addition to sand.

If anybody is running a Oceanic 70 if you could post some photo's it would be appreciate. Thank for your help in advance.

08/15/2006, 06:46 PM

I am a fan of DIY sumps/fuges. You can check out Melevs reef for info on them. I'm not sure about the sump you are considering, I have no experience with it.

Can't go wrong with a deltec skimmer. I will say my ASM G-2 does a fine job on my 90 gal and it costs a bit less ;)

If you want to keep SPS you will need strong lighting. MH or T5 would be the way to go. I would say 2x250W MH with actinic suplementation would allow you to keep pretty much any coral or clam you want. The SPS will also require high flow. A flow rate of 35-40 times your tank volume should suffice, but higher wouldn't be a bad thing (just hard to find low flow spots for clams.)

The amount of LR sounds good.

Hope that helps!

08/15/2006, 06:51 PM
Oooops. I missed the dimensions of your tank. Thats an odd length.

Maybe 2 250W MH 14k pendants would be better.

08/15/2006, 06:53 PM
I was in the same boat with a nano-cube 24. I went with a AGA rr 65 almost the same size. I would get a 20g long for a sump and put in your own baffels. I was able to fit a ASM G3, a small fug, and a Ehiam 1250 return. Depending on your bugget, I would go with an OCTO skimmer, and the best inverstment I ever made was a ACjr controller. I'm just finishing the cycle on my tank so I can't really say to much about my light but I got the 36" SunPod.

09/05/2006, 10:44 PM
I am just setting up my Oceanic 70 this weekend. I am also migrating from Nano-Cubes. I have two 12G DX's and 1 6G. The maint on those three tanks is crazy, I am really looking forward to getting everything into one large(er) tank.

I purchased the Cherry tank/canopy/stand.

I went with VHO's for the lighting. I like the look of VHO's and I wanted everything hidden in the canopy. I went with 4 96 Watt bulbs. I realize that some say the tank is too deep for VHO's, but I have seen some amazing setups with a wide variety of corals in the Oceanic 70 with 4 VHO's. Plus the cost of a VHO setup is very reasonable and I really plan to have mostly LPS and just a few SPS corals.

For the Sump, I went with a 20g long tank as a sump/fuge. The LFS put some baffles in there for me. There are some great acrylic sumps out there for sale, I would look at them before going with the Oceanic Sump. It is okay, for a sump, but space is limited for the skimmer, and there is just no place to setup a fuge.

This site has some great looking filters

For the skimmer, I went with a ASM G1x. It has been highly recommended to me by several folks.

I am planning on about 75lbs of live rock. Large peices of Marshall Island if I can find it. And about a 1" sand bed.

Like I said, I am going to put it all together this weekend, hopefully everything will go as planned.