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08/16/2006, 03:54 PM
Okay, I've searched the archives and I'm more confused than anything. Would like some opinions.

1) Crabs or no crabs? True crabs and/or hermit crabs? Quantity per gallon if recommended? Species if recommended? Sand bed needed or not? (Have 200g with sand bed and 350g without.)

2) Snails. Are Astrea snails the only ones that can't right themselves, or are their other species that also have this problem? What species are temperate or tropical so that temperature is compatible? Quantity per gallon recommended? Species recommended? Sand bed needed or not? (See comment above.)

3) Shrimp. Species recommended? I had a coupla peppermint shrimp, but they seem to have disappeared. Was considering cleaner shrimp. Again, how many gallons required to support one?

4) Stars or no stars? Quantity per gallon if recommended? Species if recommended? Assuming need sand bed so only in sand bedded tank?

5) Any other recommendations for cleaners?

Thanks for any inputs. Just so many choices.

BTW, this will be a garden variety reef tank with both soft and hard corals with a few fish.


08/16/2006, 08:02 PM
Some good packages at this online retailer...


clean up crew is a matter of preference IMO...I have Turbos and blue legged hermits primarily. Some folks like nassarius, and other snails, starfish, etc...right now turbos snails are not readily available so astreas are the next best thing.