View Full Version : Can dinoflagellates kill serpent stars?

08/16/2006, 04:55 PM
I've been battling a brownish red algae for several weeks. I originally thought it was cyano, but now I'm thinking it's dinoflagellates. Until recently it's been confined to spots on several rocks, but now it seems to be showing up in large patches on the sand. In the last couple of days all my snails have been turning over and dying, and just today I found ALL FOUR of my serpent stars dead. All four. In one day. I've had all four of them for over two years.

I've found some threads talking about ways to deal with dinoflagellates, and I'll be pursuing that. But the dead serpent stars make me wonder if something else might be terribly wrong. Does anyone know if dinoflagellates can cause the death of serpent stars?