View Full Version : noob with 5 gallon tank

08/20/2006, 12:44 PM
ok so im a noob as far as saltwater goes but I have kept and bred african cichlids. I have a 5 gallon tank and i would like to set up a nano tank with mostly coral and some fish. I also have a 29 gallon tank which now houses my ball python. when my ball gets big enough, i will make larger tank for him and will transfer whatever is in my 5 gallon to the 29 and go from there. so the question is how do i start a saltwater tank? As far as equiptment goes, I have a whisper hob filter that flows up to 145 gph and a visitherm deluxe heater which i forget the wattage on but is more than sufficent for my 29 gallon. as far as lighting goes, I have one aqua glo 12" 8watt light.

08/20/2006, 12:51 PM
well one thing is if you want coral, your going to need a better light, maybe a power compact to start with? it depends what kind of corals you want to keep.