View Full Version : RO/DI on the way!

08/21/2006, 10:31 AM
I finally got approval from the S.O. to order an RO/DI system.

The biggest thing I've been wondering is how do I know if its no longer removing chloramines from the water? In 6 months, when the filter media may or may not need to be replaced, how will I know if chloramines are no longer being filtered out, and if I'm going to wipe out my biological filtration with a top-off?

I'm getting a TDS meter (dual with in and out measurements), but my bigger concern is the high level of chloramine in my tap water.

Is an ammonia test a reliable way to detect them? My tap reads 0.5 ammonia (for the 6 months my tank has been up I've been treating with Prime, which knocks it right down).

Also, what do people prep RO water with for trace elements? I'd prefer a one-step additive, not a whole cabinet full of various additives.

08/22/2006, 12:22 AM
all you need to do is run the ro/di water into a trash can mix it with salt and your set. no need for additives or prep

if i remember rite all you had to do is let your tap water sit overnite and chloramines will be gone. now that you have ro/di it doesnt matter