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08/22/2006, 07:13 AM
i have a 72 gallon bow front and was wondering what will fit in the stock cabinet as a sump...i am going to try to go right after work today to buy a tank to DIY a sump but i forgot to measure before i left for work...i want to get the biggest tank i can fit...so if anyone has any suggestions, please chime in...was thinking maybe a 29 tall but really not sure if it will fit...

so tell me whatcha got...

thanks in advance...


08/22/2006, 08:30 AM
Hey Weeze,

I am in the process of build on my 72G Bowfornt as well. My stand is being custom built, but I know that the 29G AGA tank will fit under the AGA stand, but you will have to remove the center brace to get it in the stand. If your tank is full, I bet only a 20G will fit. Anyone else?


08/22/2006, 08:38 AM
I use a 20g long. Fits without any brace removal. I just wasn't comfortable with doing that.

Only problem with the 29g is with the skimmer. I have the ASM g3 which is 24" tall. It likes to sit in 6-10" of water. Since the stand has 28" of clearance, an 18" high tank will have some wasted space since I can't fill it more than 12" high since I would have to put the skimmer on a 2" stand. So it helps to really plan ahead and draw everything out, especially if you're trying to do a fuge in a 29 or 20 tank as well.

outta names
08/22/2006, 09:42 AM
I have a 20 and it's pretty tight down there but I didn't have to remove the brace, I too have the ASM g3 skimmer.

08/20/2012, 05:49 PM
I know this is an old post but maybe this will bring it back up to the top.

I bought a used 72 All Glass bow front with curved stand. I had to rebuild both doors, replace the bottom of the stand, re-secure all of the corners and braces. Of course it's also got a cpl coats of paint added.
I had no idea which way to go for a sump. The one that came with the tank was too small for most skimmers and used to have bio balls which I switched out for a 7 inch sock. MJAnderson is familiar enough to me from rambling through the RC forum that I trust what he says. Well, ok....trust but verify. The 20 long WILL work as a sump on my tank and give a huge amount of room for a refugium, separate skimmer compartment, sock hanger, and baffled return pump station . I think that there should also be a spot where I can place charcoal bags, phosban etc. THIS puts a smile on my face and all the tank inhabitants are asking when it will be complete. They can be so demanding.
So, THANK YOU MJAnderson, and all the others who have ehlped me along the way.

Next Ill do some research on the refugium, adding cheetos or what ever that plant is and we're good to go.

08/20/2012, 06:48 PM
I crammed a big rubbermaid container under mine. 34L x 15W x 12H.