View Full Version : Can I put my live rock against the glass, and other aquascaping questions

08/24/2006, 03:30 PM
I am about to get my order of 100 lbs of live rock, and I have been looking at aquascaping options. I was toying with the idea of putting the rock all the way against the back glass of the tank, although I have read in some places that you should leave at least 4" in order to clean. How important is this? Has anyone out there put the rock against the glass? Any thoughts on the idea?

Also, should I put a powerhead behind the rock to sweep current through? I will have lots of current otherwise with some Tunze streams, but was wondering if I also need a hidden powerhead behind the rockwork.

Also, can I use Aquamend to connect the rocks to each other? I'll also be using plastic cable ties, but was wondering what else is available.

Many thanks for any advice and comments!

08/24/2006, 04:31 PM
a. your glass will coralline where you can't clean it. This is either good or not, personal taste.
b. it wouldn't hurt to have that extra flow back there. Try to make caves the fish can go through. They 'like' that.
c. I use reef putty, spit, putting the largest rocks on the bottom, and creative balancing. Only one of my rocks is puttied: the rest are where they are by interlocking, except the cave roof, which is supported by branching coral [dead]. This is a PITA if you have to move one, but mine are massive, for a 52.

I put eggcrate down, then the rock, then the sand. This assures the rock has many points of balance, that it won't shift due to burrowing, and won't scour off in the gusts from the pumps.

I use a Sea Swirl for added flow, aimed at the bowed front of my tank. I have only one pump.

08/24/2006, 07:35 PM
Sk8r, thanks for your comments. I will use that egg crate idea.

Any brand names that the reef putty goes by? Can I use it underwater? Can I take it apart later, or is it permanent?

08/24/2006, 08:04 PM
I had these same questions. I ended up just putting the rock in no glue or putty. They seem stable. But I guess I wont know for sure until I have inhabitants in there. I left about 6 inches in the front for swimming and in the back they are either right against the glass or maybe 2 inches off. Kinda random. I definatley could not clean back there so what ever grows there stays there. here is what I have