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08/24/2006, 11:10 PM
Yesterday I had a bi colored blennie go missing. I thought he might have squeezed through the over flow and into the fuge...then sucked to a power head. BUT... tonight I just heard some wierd cliking from my tank. I used to have a pistol shrimp and he would click alot. I only heard like 2-3 clicks tonight. Alot less then a pistol IMO, he used to click like 10 times if he was ****ed off. I'm thinking MANTIS. I have so many rocks in there I hope he comes out to play so i can see him LOL. Because he could prolly live for years in my rock and I would never see him. It actually sounded as if the clicks came from my protien skimmer. I hope he is not in there lol. What do yall think?

08/24/2006, 11:20 PM
I have a 2" + pistol, when he snaps his claw it's LOUD and usually I hear 1-3 clicks. I've heard quieter clicking, usually upwards of 5-6 clicks, coming from the LR in my 65g and suspect a mantis (I found one earlier this year on one of the rocks that's now in that tank, wouldn't be surprised if there's another). The suspected mantis sounds like a firelighter, my pistol sounds like breaking glass.

You could always try baiting a glass and placing it on an angle near the area where you hear clicking, though I've never caught anything but hermits using this method. If the clicking is coming from a specific rock and you can remove that rock, you could try flushing the shrimp out with soda water, FW, or high salinity SW. If you remove a rock and you KNOW the shrimp is inside, try putting it in a bin/bucket with a baited glass or mantis trap. Chances are you'll catch it eventually, it has to come out for food some time!

08/25/2006, 12:11 AM
for the record: "ruh roh shaggy" would be the correct spelling ;)

08/25/2006, 04:47 AM
Wouldn't it be : "Ruh roh Raggy" ?