View Full Version : Need quick advice, we just sold our house

08/25/2006, 06:17 PM
well, My parents sold their house today , lol , its been up for sale about 3 years now , anyways,

I need to know what would be ok , or the best to do

I cant get rid of my 10 gallon XENIA tank, I finally got this stuff growing like weeds once I finally got it in a Xenia only tank.
so it will probably go to my aunts while we are building the house( my dad is a contractor)

the second tank is a 240 gallon with the following

5 inch sailfin tang
2 - 3.5 inch yellow tangs
14 inch .7 inch wide snowflake eel
1 dwarf lionfish
1 volitan lionfish.
3 inch niger trigger

I plan on giving the lionfish away to someone local if they want them ,

would it be ok to keep the
.sailfin tang.
at least one of the yellow tangs in a 55 , for awhile

or will this not work

I KNOW TANGS DONT like small tanks.

I would really hate to part with the trigger or the sailfin tang due to the sailfin is a HUGE PET< he knows me lol , and the trigger is really really pretty and the biggest size ive seen available in a pet store , thats why I got him.